• Surfin2 Yoga (map)
  • Bali
  • Indonesia

You will come to a Surfin2 Yoga Retreat for surf, yoga, meditation, mountain biking, kayaking, coconut cappuccinos, and for an excuse to travel. You'll leave with inspiration, strength, confidence, love, generosity, and new close friends from around the world! Led by the best in their respective fields, Jolie Manza will awaken your body, breath, and soul in a mindful and perfect way to get your body feeling strong, balanced, and free-- everything you need for surfing!-- and Robert Underwood will teach you to surf with style and ease, from beginners to advanced levels. Megan and Mel will assist Jolie in the Yoga and Meditation aspects of this retreat, and Matt will assist Rob in the surf by taking surf photos of you. These 7 days will be absolutely wonderful, beyond amazing, and so much fun!